Activities See details & discuss in the FORUM
Bands Friday & Saturday evening two bands will play & at the hiking break. SEe details in the FORUM.
Barbeque There will be a barbeque where you can put your meat or vegetables on. We try to find a butcher/grocer to bring us food every day – otherwise we bring it by ourselves by car/bus.
Big Tent There will be a big tent for party & if it rains.
Bonfire Bonfires are allowed, but don’t make wild fires. There will be places for bonfires.
Bread Every morning a baker will bring bread.
Breakfast A breakfast is included in the price (bread, cheese, marmalade, butter, coffee or tea)
Camping There is enough space to camp for everybody. The campsite is huge. So you can sleep close to the party or in a silent corner.
Caravans Caravans cannot stay on the campsite. You have to park on a parking place, stand there for 1 night (maybe move & stay for the next night in case anyone cares). 
Carsharing Please tell us your number of offered seats or if you need a seat. Discuss it in the FORUM.
Cars Cars are not allowed on the campsite. But there is a parking lot & street outside.
Children Allowed, but parents have to take care of them and tell us before if they bring their children.
DJs DJs will be “recruited” from the whole camp, maybe also some external ones. Discuss in the FORUM. The Sound-System will not be an “open stage” for everybody but we can improvise. :-)
Dogs Not allowed, sorry.
Drinks (alcoholic) Beer, Wine, Apple-Wine (the local speciality) – wishes? no liquor – bring your own.
Drinks (cold) There is a refrigerated wagon to keep the drinks cold.
Drinks (non-alcoholic) Water, Coke, Lemonade, Orange Juice, Apple Juice – wishes?
Drinks (prices) Drinks are 1,50 Euro a beer (0,3 l), 1,50 a bottle of water (0,7 l), 2 Euro a bottle of Coke or Lemonade (1 l), 3 Euro a bottle of Juice (1 l), 3 Euro a bottle of apple wine (1 l). (Those prices may vary slightly, not finally checked so far, which red & white wine we take, but this year we will have some wine, too)
Drinks (your own ones) It is allowed to bring your own drinks and/or to get them from supermarkets around during the festival. But to avoid confusion it is not possible to put them in the refrigerated wagon. Cool ‘em down in the lake. Of course you can share your drinks, but it should be clear that a bigger selling of your own drinks is not liked.
Electricity Yes, but only for low energy things like shavers or mobile-recharger.
Entrance When you arrive your name & age will be checked on a list & you will get a wristband.
Food In the price included is a small breakfast plus coffee/tea. Lunch & dinner has to be organized/bought by yourself (in a supermarket or from delivery to the camp). Discuss in the FORUM (food, drinks & camping stuff).
Garbage There are several dustbins. Please keep the campsite clean. Don’t throw bottles & cigarettes away please, as long as you are still able to walk. ;-)
Getting there See TRAVEL INFO
Glass Glass is allowed.
Insurance Standard event insurance.
Keymaster The person who takes care of selling drinks from the refrigerated wagon.
Motorcycles Can be parked inside if you inform us before the event.
Music There will be some live music & DJs. Please bring your acoustic guitar, if you know how to play & sing.
Noise There is a point when most of the people are sleeping. If you look around screaming & nobody else is: Be quiet. :-)
Parking Parking places for about 70 cars outside 300-500 m away from the camp.
Payment Please pay in advance, to be sure you get a place. Places are limited to 300 people only. The payment instructions are on the CS site, Facebook or here on the website.
Rain There will be a big party tent as rain-protection and a cabin. Don’t forget an umbrella and/or raincoat. But we pray for sun. :-)
Refund You don’t have to pay the refund for the bottles, but please bring them back to a collection place.
Regard & Respect 300 people with different interests and different day & night rhythms mean: Be considerate of each other. 
Register You must register on the webite here to join & to fill in the informations for the members list!
Showers There are 4 cold (!) showers on the campsite. Additionally there are several basins. Warm showers in the surrounding villages can be found in swimming pool Hetzbach (1 warm shower, 2,50 Euro entry for the swimming pool) http://schwimmbad-hetzbach.de or Waldschwimmbad Michelstadt (4 Euro entry) http://www.michelstadt.de/?id=112
Supermarkets Supermarkets are 10-15 km away. You will need a car, but we will also drive there once a day with a small bus. Discuss in the FORUM (food, drinks & camping stuff).
Canoeing/Rubber Boats/Surfing Allowed on your own risk (without motors).
Swimming You swim on your own risk. The lake is safe as long if you don’t swim drunken. Take care of each other.
Tentsharing Please tell us your number of offerd places in your tent or if you need a place. If you can bring an additional tent, even better! Discuss it in the FORUM.
Teenagers under 18 If you are under 18 you can only join if an adult person signs to take responsibility for you.
Toilets 12 flushed toilets.