Travel Info

If you travel by car use the  –> Route Planner

P1 = Parking place for about 50 cars
P2 = Parking place for about 20 cars
P3 = Parking place at the main street (full must of the time)
—> You can drive until P2, from there it is about 400 meters walk to the camp.

GPS coordinates for parking Beerfelden (closest village, south-east from the camp):
GPS Breite: 049°34′06″
GPS Länge: 008°58′25″

If you need any help with the connections/booking/whatsoever please contact Franzi on CS or Facebook or ask in the Forum !

Important!         for everyone who is coming by train no matter from which direction:                    Final train stop for you is “Erbach (Odenw)”      !!!

Please tell us in any case in advance, when you will arrive at the station in “Erbach (Odenw)”!

0049 (0)175 5657172

We can give you further instructions if you have to take the bus to the Marbachstausee (recommended) or if we wil pick you up at the station in Erbach.

Please understand that we cannot wait for people to arrive at the station all day long. We try to do our best to get there frequently on Wednesday Thursday & especially when no more bus is driving. But if there is a bus connection we would appreciate it that you take the bus.

If you take the bus you can book a ticket directly to the bus stop at the Marbachstausee! (name of the bus stop is: “Haisterbach Stausee, Erbach (Odenwald))

If you do that, it is the same price as if you buy a ticket to the station in Erbach!


Train connection from Mainz to Erbach.


Train connection from Mainz to Haisterbach Stausee.

BUT: if you take the train from Mainz to Erbach and then spontaneously decide to take the bus to the Marbachstausee you have to pay for the train and extra cost Euro for a bus ticket.


Timetable & connections for “Deutsche Bahn”/trains here =>

Timetable & connections & prices for trains & buses here =>



Airport Frankfurt Hahn => Erbach (Odenw):

Take Bus 600 to “Mainz Hauptbahnhof”

Timetable for Bus 600 here =>

Important!     For the bus 600 you need an extra ticket! Tickets are available on the bus!

If you are a group of more than 10 persons, one person don’t have to pay! But in that case you have to announce that in advance here  =>

In Mainz you need a second ticket for the train from “Mainz Hauptbahnhof” to “Erbach (Odenw)” (14,50 Euro). Automats for the tickets are all over the train station.


Airport Frankfurt am Main => Erbach (Odenw):

Departure: „Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Regionalbahnhof“

Arrival: „Erbach (Odenw)“

For a connection check =>

If you check at and there is a little bus in a purple circle showing up, you have to pay extra, because it is a special Airport-bus!



Airport Stuttgart => Erbach (Odenw)

Departure: “Stuttgart Flughafen/Messe”

Arrival: “Erbach (Odenw)

For a connection check =>


Public Transport in Germany

Long distance buses:

These buses are very cheap, but you won’t find any bus to Erbach, sorry! Only to the bigger cities like Frankfurt am Main, Darmstadt, Stuttgart, Heidelberg…

For a connection from the final bus stop to Erbach check:                                                                                                                                                      

Car sharing:   (you have to register to use the website)                       

Most probably, no one is going directly to Erbach, just because it is in the middle of nowhere. So what you could do is find a ride share to a city like Frankfurt am Main, Darmstadt, Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Ludwigshafen,  smaller cities like Worms, Weinheim, Heppenheim, Bensheim are also close… and then take a train/bus to Erbach.                                                                        



Depending on the distance and if you’re traveling alone or not it might be cheaper to buy a group ticket !                                 


HITCHHIKING (with many thanks to Frank —> fverhart on the memberlist, if you have questions about hitchhiking)

Germany is a member state of the European Union as well as the Schengen Agreement. It is a great country forhitchhiking, both on motorways (via on-ramps, service stations, more seldom – parking lots) and local roads. Germans are a little bit suspicious, but nice if you get to know them. Thumbing makes it easier for them to say “no”, because they do not even have to look at you. Those who will stop are often people who hitchhiked themselves when they were younger. Many of them have families, jobs and fast cars now. Because of the absence of speed limits on many motorways it’s a good country to hitchhike long distances in short time. More about hitchhiking in Germany in general

Hitchhiking to Lakeside Summer Camp is not the easiest of all roads, but as always with hitchhiking, definitely possible for the ones who persevere. Coming over the A5 from Frankfurt or Heidelberg it looks best to leave the car at exit 31 “Heppenheim”. Ask the driver politely if he could bring you down to the center of Heppenheim, which is 2.5 km, where you find Bundestrasse 3. Or find a short ride there from the exit of the motorway. From here all you need to do is to hitch about 35 km down the road 460 until you reach the camp. Google Maps indicates 35 minutes from Heppenheim (Bundestrasse 3) to the camp. Keep in mind about 60-90 minutes to hitch it. If you leave the camp from here, there is a northbound motorway service station at hand on the A5 2.5 km walking from the center of Heppenheim. Over the A3 from Frankfurt or Würzburg the easiest at a first glance might seem to hitch from Aschaffenburg, but this is a pretty big place and it will easily take an hour or more only to walk through it, or exit 57 “Stockstadt”, but this a big interchange, where the driver will make additional kilometers only to let you out, and there seems no very obvious place to hitch further. We suggest exit 65 “Marktheidenfeld” from where you have 70 km left to the camp. You hitch south from the exit until the Main valley and then you hitch west along the Main river until you are on the 469 road near Miltenbach. Hitch south on 469, just before Amorbach turn towards the west on Bundestrasse 47 to Erbach. In Ersbach you have 5 km left to the camp, which you can walk, or hitch on Bundestrasse 45 going south. Google says 1h10m, count 2-3 hours. At the A6 you find motorway service stations at both sides at Sinsheim. From here you can walk to the Wilhelmstrasse in Sinsheim, which is about 1.7 km from the motorway, and hitch up the 292 until Mosbach, however it is best to leave the 292 shortly before Mosbach, in Obrigheim, and cross the river with the local road (Hauptstrasse). In Mosbach there is just a big junction, which you should avoid!!! 150 meter north of the bridge is an easy junction to hitch up the Bundestrasse 37 until just after Eberbach and then the Bundestrasse 45 until the camp location. 68 km, Google says 1 hour. Count 2-3 hours. From the A81 we suggest exit 27 “Gärtringen” from where you have 70 km left over the B27 until Walldürn, B47 until Erbach and last 5 km B45 to the south. 1h5m according to Google, count 2-3 hours.